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"A beautiful thing is never perfect"
-Egyptian Proverb

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Psst.. did you know that the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was rumored to use CBD in her beauty regimen?


The Egyptians were known to treat their beauty rituals like spiritual experiences. I mean… don’t we all feel a little more divine after a self-care session?


Whether you pamper yourself with our luxury CBD-infused SkinCare line, indulge in our sweet THC-infused Medible line or sport Fourtwenty Apparel, we invite you to enhance your self-care ritual with us. Allow yourself to glow inside and out, letting your inner Goddess shine.

The Fourtwenty Collections Story

The CEO of Fourtwenty, Marvina Thomas, has always been fascinated with the Egyptians’ spiritual beautification routines and their use of natural ingredients, such as essential oils and sea salt, that have inspired our own self-care rituals today. However, she initially started making skin care to provide basic necessities, such as soap, for those in need.

A nurse by trade and a mother to many, Marvina was also interested in the benefits of CBD and THC to help promote a healthy body and mind. She began infusing her skin care products, knowing that she wanted to provide relief to her clients while building an operation that had the ability to help her give back to those in need.

Marvina's dream is what fueled the foundation of Fourtwenty Collections (420 SkinCare & 420 Medibles). Her hard work and big heart are what fueled Fourtwenty Collections' “Buy & Give” program. The program provides resources, such as personal necessities and healthcare assistance, for the men and women at non-profit organizations like Start Living Recovery Home.

Each time you make a purchase, a donation is made to the program.

Marvina teamed up with Parisa Rad (a.k.a. "The Marijuana Momma") and the two have assembled a collection of passionate Cannabis professionals that work with their hearts for a cause.

The Goddess Boutique was opened in Glendale Arizona to feature all of the FourTwenty CBD Bath and SkinCare, as well as Clothing in a nice warm shop setting. Customers can enjoy coffee or tea while they browse and check out the latest fashions and smell the variety of CBD bath bombs and creams.


Marvina recently opened a FourTwenty Collections Dispensary in Las Cruces, NewMexico which features speciality items from the Collection. These items include FourTwenty Medibles, Pre-Roll packs, SkinCare as well as CBD items are available at the new dispensary. 

Thank you for supporting our cause through your Fourtwenty purchases!

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