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  • Does 420 Skincare offer wholesale on their products?
    Yes, 420 Skincare does offer wholesale or "white label" services. Please contact 420 Skincare by email for more information.
  • Is there THC in 420 Skincare products?
    420 Skincare carries products with CBD or THC, the products on this site that contain CBD can be purchased online or in person. The 420 Skincare products that contain THC can only be purchased at a dispensary with an MMJ card. For a list of dispensaries that carry our products please visit the Dispensaries page.
  • Can customers subscribe monthly to receive 420 Skincare products?
    Coming soon! 420 Skincare is currently working on a subscription program for our customers with several different options. For more information please visit our Contact page with your questions.
  • Does 420 Skincare ever show their products at events?
    Yes, 420 Skincare is very active in the community and has a booth with Women Grow signature events every month. For more information on events that feature 420 Skincare check out on our social media feed on the homepage.
  • Does 420 Skincare offer wholesale or distribution for vendors?
    Yes, 420 Skincare is currently looking for distributors and you can fill out the form on the distributor page for more information.
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